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Re: [greenyes] fluorescent lamp recycling in commercial buildings

Jan, and to others on the list:

Has there been any work to evaluate the amount of mercury that is going into landfills and incinerators (and then the air) from fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs?

Now that the retail price of compact fluorescents has fallen so dramatically, the price barriers to using them (and obtaining the energy efficiency gains) seem to be gone. Attention should once again shift back to ensuring their disposal doesn't cause environmental harm.

Has anybody evaluated the use of deposit/refund systems for these? What were the findings?


Doug Koplow

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>>> Jan Aceti <jan@no.address> 10/06/04 03:10PM >>>

>> Hello,
>> I am working with the Northeast Management Officials' Association
>> (NEWMOA) on a project to understand the factors that determine
>> whether fluorescent light bulbs are recycled in commercial
>> buildings. We are interested in understanding:
>> - who the players involved in lamp recycling decisions are (e.g.
>> property managers, building owners, cleaning companies, lamp
>> distributors, etc.);
>> - how the decisions get made;
>> - the barriers and motivations associated with this activity for
>> various players; etc.
>> I am wondering if anyone has done research on this topic,
>> particularly through focus groups, in-depth interviews, or phone
>> surveys with property managers and/or the other players.
> Regards, Jan
> Jan Aceti
> Aceti Associates
> 19 Allen St. #2
> Arlington, MA 02474-6809
> Ph: 781-646-4593
> Fax: 914-931-2038
> jan@no.address

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