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[greenyes] Worm-a-way® Worm Bin to Sell in UK

For Immediate Release
September 29, 2004


RUGELEY, STAFFS, UK Mary Appelhof of Kalamazoo, Michigan, author
of the popular how-to book, "Worms Eat My Garbage," and Jayne
Nicholls of Nicholls and Sons of Rugeley, UK, announce their
agreement for Nicholls to market Appelhof's Worm-a-way
vermicomposting bin in the UK.

"My mission is to change the way the world thinks about garbage,"
says Appelhof. "To think of it as a resource, rather than to throw it
away." Redworms have been turning her kitchen food waste into
nutrient-rich, earthy-smelling humus for over 30 years. She says,
"Through Jayne's efforts, people in the UK will be able to purchase a
complete system that meets the needs of both worms and their

Nicholls has been vermicomposting (composting with worms) in the UK
for over two years. She liked the convenience of being able to bury
her food discards into a bin in her garden, then use the vermicompost
produced by the worms (worm manure) to grow vegetables without having
to use chemical fertilizers. "I'm concerned about the health and
safety of my kids," says Nicholls. "I have triplet sons who are
beginning school just this week. I want them to grow up in an
environment free of toxic chemicals. Having a worm bin is one little
thing I can do, but I wanted to do something bigger. Selling Mary
Appelhof's Worm-a-way is a bigger thing I can do."

It's getting harder to bury organic waste in landfills in England.
Recent regulations say that organic waste must be kept out of
landfills, partly to save limited space, and partly to prevent the
toxic leachates that develop when organic materials decompose next to
heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. Appelhof says, "It doesn't make
sense to bury organic waste in a tomb, whether it be a dry one or a
wet one. Either way, the topsoil that worms could create out of that
resource is wasted. Get enough people doing worm composting and we'll
have safer, better tasting food, fewer problems with landfills and
incinerators, and a better environmental conscience all around."

Each Worm-a-way that Nicholls sells (two sizes available) will
consist of a container made of recycled plastic with its unique
ventilation system developed by Appelhof, her book, "Worms Eat My
Garbage," a garden fork, and enough of the proper kind of worms
(Eisenia fetida) to get started. "We ship worms all the time by mail
and UPS," says Appelhof. Jayne has assurances from delivery services
in UK that they can get both worms and bins to her customers

Flowerfield Enterprises is a mail-order business that develops and
markets educational materials on vermicomposting. Its publishing
imprint, Flower Press, publishes the how-to book "Worms Eat My
Garbage," a classroom activity book and curriculum guide, "Worms Eat
Our Garbage," and a children's picture book, "Compost, By Gosh!"

Contact info: Jayne Nicholls Mary Appelhof
Nicholls & Son's Flowerfield Enterprises/Flower Press
PO Box 4024 10332 Shaver Road
London, UK WS15 1YN Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA
PH: (011) (44) 188-957-7883 PH: 269-327-0108
FAX(011) (44) 790-549-2165 FAX: 269-327-0108
nichollsclan@no.address mary@no.address
Mary Appelhof

"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

The Russian Worm Connection featured in WormEzine. Access at

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