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Re: [greenyes] NYC's Recycling Program: Just the facts

R. Lange wrote:

"It is ironic that with this milestone achieved ... others, have
so much negative to say about recycling in New York City."

I vividly recall many nay-sayers on this list serve lamenting the
demise of NYC's recycling program over a year ago. Some suggested it
was the penultimate sign of the times for recycling and waste recovery.
There were many who insisted that once the program was terminated it
would never be revived. In that regard, I agree with Mr. Lange that
this positive event should be heralded as what it is: an environmental
resurrection of enormous proportions. But more importantly, maybe this
is more a sign of the times.

I recently posted a hopeful message on this list serve about how
recycling programs were, for the most part, weathering poor budgets,
misguided policies and politics and lousy markets. Even my hopeful
message drew negative responses from some prominent posters on this list
serve. I am very pleased to hear of the reinstatement of the NYC
recycling program although Gotham will have to take a back seat to the
metropolis of Walkertown, NC, (population 6,830) which reinstated its
recycling program in July after it was curtailed for one year. It seems
regardless of how big or small the city or the poltics thereof,
recycling has found a place among other important government programs.

It's all good!


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