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Re: [greenyes] Twin Cities Free Market


What a great idea! Such a successful program fill me with questions: Who runs your website? Is it run by Eureka Recycling? Are you a non-profit organization? How is this program funded (if you do not mind sharing this information)? Thank you so much for sharing your success story, I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

Kerry Rasmussen
Environmental Programs
City of Hawthorne, CA

Dianna Kennedy <diannak@no.address> wrote:
We are celebrating over four million pounds of durable household goods
exchanged on !

With the city of Saint Paul's support, we've grown this program over the
past seven years and now have 15,000 Twin Cities residents visit the site
each month and exchange over 7,000 items a year - everything from a 5
bedroom house to a CD, landscape rocks to a blanket. There are over 300-400
new listings on the site each week and many of the items snatched up within

Free Market Rhode Island just started this Spring and they already have
5,000 users and 7 tons of stuff exchanged. Not a bad start! Check it out -

Dianna Kennedy

Director of Communications

Eureka Recycling

2828 Kennedy Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55406


612-823-3277 fax

Waste is preventable, not inevitable.

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