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Re: [greenyes] Recycling programs not cost effective

Dear Bufford!

the main efficiency of recycling (if we speaking about improving something
to municipalities) - is avoiding of disposal.

What happens with Your trash? You dispose it or incinerate?
If to incinerate, i beleive, every tone, which Yiou escape from incinerator
will be wery cost efficient, even if you additionally pay to campany which
take it to recycle.

If You lanfill - it depends on how far the landfill from the city, so what
are the transportation costs.
even if it locatred close to the city, You can say: when the landfill be
over, municipality will have to build a new one.
It will cost much, except that - i beleive, it wil be organised wery far
away, so transportation costs will increace.

So, in municipal interest - to prolonge the exploitation of existing one as
long, as possible, e.g. develope recycling.
Take into account that stream of possible avoided spendings.

sorry for terrible english,
Igor Babanin
Greenpeace Russia
St.Petersburg dep.
(812) 3521022
(812) 3529219

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