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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: Lead Emissions From Construction Debris Incineration

Hello GreenYes,

I do not know about the emissions from burning C&D Waste, however, I do
know that lead is still being used in some construction paints,
to my surprise. I was researching yellow traffic paint and found a Mfgr
that produces a "lead free" yellow and a "leaded" yellow traffic paint.
If anyone is curious, please contact me for Mfgr. Thus lead could also
being used in other new construction products as well such as plastics
(frames, flooring, etc...)
and wiring. And of course, lead was used in many building materials that
are in existing buildings. Cadmium in C&D Waste should also be


Have a great day!
Debra Lombard
LEEDtm Accredited Professional
Lighting & Sustainable Design
The RETEC Group
900 Chapel St., 2nd Fl - Box 9
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel: 203-776-2358 x 237
Fax: 203-773-3657

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