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[greenyes] Calif Performance Review - elimination of State Boards

Hi CRRA and GRRN Members :

With my Sierra Club hat I am part of team looking at the recommendations
made in Gov. Schwarzenegger's California Performance Review. Our staff
in Sacramento are currently putting together a response plan and welcome
specific comments on any part of the plan that deals with environmental
issues. The Sierra Club is also coordinating comments with other
environmental groups.

Please send any comments to me at the email below. It would be very
helpful if you could cite the section of the report that go with your

---- snip from email from Bill Allayaud, State Director, Sierra Club
California ----

The best thing you can do is to read the report. Find the sections
about the issue you care about -- forestry, water quality, air quality,
parks, etc and read the recommendations. There is a search function for
the report which is online at Also, if you want
to dig deep into the State's bureaucracy, you can focus on the overall
reorganization plans that move agencies to different places, under
different management

----- end snip --------

Ann Schneider
Retiring CRRA Boardmember - District 8
Mtn. View, CA
Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
ExCom and PolCom Member

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