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[greenyes] Recycling programs not cost effective

Not only is recycling cost effective but as a part of a study for one of
our clients we looked at the economic impact of recycling in Indiana.
We had some interesting findings.

The efforts of the 65 Solid Waste Management Districts in the state
generate direct impacts in that they spend money to accomplish their
goals and create jobs in that they hire staff to accomplish their goals.
Generally the direct expenses were (2003) 49 Million dollars and the
direct employment impact was 233 full time equivalents.

This input to the state economy generates indirect impacts on the order
of an additional 50 million dollars of expenditure by other business in
the state. The total impact, direct and indirect, is about 99 million
dollars or about 0.05% of the $200 billion state GDP.

There is also an indirect impact that results in jobs, some 1,400 jobs
in addition to the 233 direct positions. The total impact, direct and
indirect, is 1,640 jobs, state wide.

Jobs relate to personal income, the 65 Solid Waste Districts total
impact, direct and indirect, on personal income, state wide, was 46.4
million dollars. This level of personal income relates to tax revenues
to the State of 1.5 million dollars.

Not only is recycling cost effective, but it can be, and is in other
jurisdictions, an economic engine generating jobs, increasing personal
income and revenue to local government.


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