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RE: [greenyes] Fwd: styrofoam as a building material?

My father-in-law has used the product in his shop expansion in
Pennsylvania. The system is basically a styrofoam shell, you place
reinforcing steel bars through the center of the blocks then pour
concrete in the center. They are very easy to put together and the
thermal properties are said to be very good. Now he just used it for an
expansion on a workshop, but at least one house in the area that we saw
was built with this same stuff. The material he used is called Poly
Block. I know of another house in our area of North Carolina that used
the blocks (or similar ones) for their basement and foundation walls.

Eileen Sousley
Cabarrus County, NC

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This question posed by a teacher in a maritime county in North Carolina.
Maybe someone can get him started. I expect there's a fair amount of
surplus foam on old docks down there. Thanks.

>>> "Gene A. Smith" <gasmith@no.address> 8/9/04 11:08:12 AM

I was curious about any styrofoam recycling you may do. One of the side
projects I am teaching in ELPS (civics) this year is conservation, and
the use of alternative energy, building materials, etc. One student was
asking about foam houses, built partially from styrofoam blocks recycled
from boat docks. Do you have any experience with these items?

Gene Smith

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