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[greenyes] Waste Violators in UK


Revealed: UK's worst polluting companies
By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor
27 July 2004

An explosion that exposed a town to a gas used as a First World War weapon
and a lorry of human body parts that dripped blood were among the worst
examples of pollution in Britain last year, the Environment Agency reports

Six companies' directors are named and shamed in its report. The roundup
shows that waste management has become the largest source of fines and

Among those punished last year was Kevin Deery, of Deery Construction in
Muswell Hill, north London, who was fined £27,000 after it was discovered
that he was illegally storing 160,000 cubic metres of waste - the equivalent
of six Olympic-sized swimming pools - while licensed for only one-tenth of
that. He was also illegally burning waste, and failing to prevent potential
seepage from oil tanks near the company's London site. The company was fined

Five other directors of waste management companies were fined amounts
ranging from £20,000 to £560, the Environment Agency's Spotlight report
says, highlighting a trend whereby outsourced waste management led to
corner-cutting and risks to people and the environment.

"We suspect that when you start contracting out [waste-handling] the view of
the risk gets more diluted the further down the chain you go," a spokeswoman
said. "We have been urging companies to be clear about where waste is going,
but the problem is that waste management is becoming expensive: you can't
keep putting it in a hole in the ground."


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