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[greenyes] Recycling "games" and "street theater"

The Hanover, NH Recycling Committee is considering a booth during a "town fair"
at which we would like to promote reduction and resuse, as well as recycling
(our cubside program and other initiatives). In a conversation with the high
school environmental club, a student suggested incorporating some kind of
"game" into the display (an action game, a guessing game) to engage both
children and parents. Can someone direct me to something of this sort? Next
year we are going to try to enlist the high school improvisational theater
group as well, so any suggestions relating to "environmental street theater"
would also be welcome.

Larry H. Litten
Director of Institutional Research
Dartmouth College
6230 North Fairbanks
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603/646-1247
Fax: 603/646-0294

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