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[greenyes] Now for something completely different

Chicago house uses recycled plastic bottles in solar
chimney in AIA?s Top Ten Green Projects

Factor 10 House, Chicago

EHDD Architecture, Chicago

In 2000, the City of Chicago 's Departments of
Environment and Housing sponsored a national
competition to identify creative modifications to the
existing New Homes for Chicago program. Factor 10
House's cutting edge design was one of five affordable
case-study designs chosen to be built. F10's modular
design responds to a narrow city site with adjacent
buildings, with an open 1,834 square-foot floor plan
that incorporates a solar chimney in the stairwell.
The open plan enhances cross ventilation. Window
placement maximizes reflected light; the solar chimney
includes a south-facing clerestory window that brings
natural light to the house's core. A high-efficiency
gas fired boiler and perimeter fintube baseboard
provides heating, while natural ventilation delivers
the cooling. A wall of water bottles acts as a heat
sink in winter and help draw warm air out of the home.
Factor 10 House, Chicago

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