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[greenyes] Encouraging Reuse while addressing safety & liability related to scavenging

I am seeking success stories, suggestions and considerations related to encouraging reuse while avoiding problems, such as liability & safety, associated with scavenging at disposal stations in one of the counties I serve. Currently unsanctioned scavenging occurs by the public & disposal attendants. This unofficial reuse system diverts an unknown portion of the waste stream from the landfill. However recent occurrences related to safety, liability concerns, employee altercations and that scavenging is a distraction from employee's duties has brought scavenging to the fore. Up for consideration are enacting and enforcing a ban on scavenging, setting up a swap shop at the facility(ies), seeking a community group to collect, transport items offsite & resell items and other scenarios that this post may yield.

In addition we are developing a reuse directory to help direct more material to existing reuse organizations in the community.

FYI - <> is an interesting model as are other internet and physical materials exchanges.

Again, I welcome your leads, thoughts & suggestions that would encourage reuse while addressing the safety & liability concerns without causing other problems.


James Wood


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