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[greenyes] CRT Glass

Hello all:

I am working on behalf of a company who is looking into the possibility
of using CRT glass as a substitute for the silica that is utilized in
their process. The lead is not a concern.

As you know, there is a tremendous amount of data available on CRT's and
the construction/lead/materials that are used, but there is no
information as the actual chemical constituents of the glass itself.

Such as: what is the silica percentage of the glass, what is the sodium
levels, potassium levels, etc...

The chemical equation is critical within this application, as is the
homogeneous or consistent nature of the materials if it is to be
considered a raw material substitute. I know that each manufacturer
will have different formula's. I was wondering if anyone had any data
on the chemical construct of the glass itself.

Any help would be appreciated.


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