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Re: [greenyes] Alternatives to dumping dredged material

On Mon, 24 May 2004 11:17:03 -0400, you wrote:

>can anyone reply to this inquiry re contaminated dredged material?
>Please reply directly to Kim Pepe at jazzpepe01@no.address

Look into and their partner They've started commercial application of a
thermodepolymerization process that breaks down organic and hazardous
wastes into harmless inorganic materials. Their first commercial
plant is up and running, part-time, in Carthage MO and processes up to
200T/day of animal wastes and used restaurant oil into biofuel,
fertilizer, inorganic solids, and sterile gray water. They've done
extensive testing on a variety of feedstocks at their Philadelphia
pilot plant and claim to have worked out procedures to process almost
any kind of non-radioactive waste, including contaminated soil, into
harmless inorganic materials.

While they are the farthest along with this technology there are other
companies working on similar processes.
I'm on a journey in search of myself.
If I get back first, let me know that I'm
looking for myself and don't let me leave.

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