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[greenyes] New Plastic Recycling Technology



May 19, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to introduce INNOVATIVE POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC (IPT) to you. IPT is a company formed to commercialize a new-patented polymer processing technology. This unique technology will greatly improve the value of your recycled plastics. This process transforms post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, or their mixtures, into chemically homogeneous new plastics eliminating the need for sorting by plastic type or color. Moreover, as much as 50% of these recycled materials can be incorporated into virgin resins.

Post-consumer, multi-colored flakes or chips are processed into pastel powders suitable for rotational and compression molding. These powders can also be pelletized for extrusion and injection molding. Even CD's can be recycled by this technology without separating the metallized and print coating layers. The physical properties of these new plastics are greatly enhanced compared to conventionally recycled plastics.

Another feature of this technology is its ability to create engineered blends from incompatible virgin resins without compatibilizing additives, which are needed with conventional technologies. This is a one step mechano-chemical process that converts the unsorted plastics into value-added polymeric materials.

Currently IPT is actively seeking partners in the commercialization of this extraordinary new technology. This partnership is an opportunity for your business to expand beyond its existing capability and to increase your profitability. To learn more about this unique technology and how it could benefit your business, please contact me at 724-444-6657 / 412-389-2339 or IPT@no.address I am looking forward to your response.


Donald B. Jones


PO Box 163 . Wildwood, PA . 15091

Phone: 724-444-6657 . Fax: 724-444-6658


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