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[greenyes] New book: Liquid Gold: The Lore & Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

Hi all. I hope you don't mind a plug for Ecowaters' latest fun book. We just
posted a rough Web site. Growing with urine is an easy way to prevent water
pollution and get free nitrogen for your paper/carbon waste composting programs!
The science and studies (pathogen issues and nitrogen capture) are detailed
in the book. Web:
Carol Steinfeld

It's a golden opportunity.
Every day, we urinate nutrients that can fertilize plants that could be used
for beautiful landscapes, food, fuel, and fiber. Instead, these nutrients are
flushed away, either to be treated at high cost or discharged to waters where
they overfertilize and choke off aquatic life.
Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants tells you how
urine--which contains most of the nutrients in domestic wastewater and usually
carries no disease risk--can be utilized as a resource. Starting with a short
history of urine use--from ritual to medicinal to even culinary--and a look
at some unexpected urinals, Liquid Gold shows how urine is used worldwide to
grow food and landscapes, while protecting the environment, saving its users the
cost of fertilizer, and reconnecting people to the land and the nutrient
cycles that sustain them. That's real flower power!

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