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Re: [greenyes] Waste-to-Energy

At 07:48 PM 3/9/2004 -0600, you wrote:
Does anyone out there know about a company called CWT? It has developed a
process called thermal depolymerization (TDP) which converts organic waste
to energy in the form of water, oil and coal. The process basically
duplicates natural processing of these materials, but in an ultra high-speed
way. The bio-based waste includes everything from human waste to animal
byproducts to tires. [...]


not to be snotty, but no incinerator or depolymerizer or any chemical process can "convert sewage [or anything else] into energy." When promoters make claims that violate basic principles of thermodynamics they need pretty damn good evidence....

It is possible to usefully depolymerize stuff thermally in some cases, but not hetergenous waste streams.

Alan Muller
Green Delaware

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