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Re: [greenyes] Waste-to-Energy

Your situation offers a choice between two evils, landfill or WTE. I would
chose landfill. Landfills offer greater opportunity for redemption. A landfill
can be flexible, allowing a community to gradually wean itself from its use
while shifting from a waste management to a resource management program. A
community that implements Maximized zero waste type programs, you know, reuse,
recycling, composting, waste reduction, ZERI, producer responsibility, in its
residential and business sectors and pretreats what continues to go to the
landfill, as in Halifax, could realize a substantial reduction in wasting,
landfilling, anaerobic gasses and odor.

On the other hand what can one do with an incinerator? Once a community makes
even a venial commitment to an incinerator, a mortal offense against nature
and health if you believe the reports that attribute ill health to incinerator
byproducts, and I do, your stuck. A community is stuck feeding and paying for
a WTE for up to thirty years. What happens when the ZW programs mentioned
above succeed?

Flexibility, in a time of change that's the bottom line. Landfill wins over

Sharon I notice your a Recycling Specialist and like myself a personally
committed Zero Waster. To what extent have you been able to implement effective
residential and/or commercial recycling in the City of Long Beach? Organics
composting? Is your local government enthusiastic and supportive? Do they let you
bring in ZW consultants to help you work out the details of the discarded
resource management programs you want to implement? I'm in Florida but have been
out to California and am aware of some of the great people resources you have
there. Are you involved in diversion program development or does you "team
leader" take care of that?

Thanks for posting this issue. Why were you hesitant to do so? I've read the
responses with great interest. I'm glad to see the basic issue back on the
table. The wte industry is on the move.

Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group
1086 Michigan Ave.
Naples, Florida

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