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[greenyes] Update on Archives

Dear GreenYes,

The archives are once again set to automatically update.
The is currently set to update every fifteen minutes, one
minute offset from the quarter hour.
They are now fully up-to-date.

The search engine for both GreenYes and GRRN sites
is now improved. The search engine updates once
early every morning - 2:30 central - while most of us sleep.

I've split the archive into 2 sections:
a. The easier to search more recent files from 2001 to date
b. The difficult to search digested files from before 2001

The search engine defaults to searching only the more
recent section. You may opt to search both sections
or either section separately.

There are also a whole set of cool ways you can use
the search engine that you could not do before
located at this link:
You can get fairly specific, and it's fast - almost Google-esque.

I hope this will better suit everyone's needs on GreenYes!



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