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Re: [greenyes] Worthless Workshops in Sacramento

Bob Trout wrote:
Try calling whine-one-one on this one in my opinion.

I have attempted to point out, in an unemotional and non-judgemental way,
that the CIWMB is making it difficult for a large portion of the
municipalities that they are chartered to serve to access their
educational offerings. California State agencies are supposed to serve
ALL of California, not just the areas close to the State capitol.

Not only do I resent being called a whiner for pointing out something that
I see as a (minor and possibly understandable) failure of a State agency,
but I do not see how it is germane to the topic. I also don't see how the
behavior of your County employees has anything to do with me -- you have
no idea what I am paid, what I do at my own expense, or what sort of
programs occupy my time. It has been my experience in many years of
e-mail discussions that less inuendo makes for more fruitful discussion.
Personal attacks tend to spiral downwards and choke out meaningful

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Bob Trout <troutsfarm@no.address>
02/25/2004 08:24 PM

To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: Re: [greenyes] Worthless Workshops in Sacramento

Sharon_Gates@no.address wrote:

In order to attend a workshop in Sacramento now, not only would I
have to pay for it entirely myself, but I would have to take vacation time

in order to go. To me, this seems unreasonable for something that is
directly related to doing my job. I believe my situation is fairly common
among government employees these days.

I routinely spend my own time and my own money to get first hand
experience and knowledge with recycing issues on Maui.

Our County bureaucrats will only go out to public events if they are paid
- not on their own time. Our highly paid county recycling coordinator is
currently spending her time on putting together a coloring book for
crissakes while much of our dropbox plastic is being landfilled!

I agree with C. William 100%:

C. William wrote:
Spending a day on the rear-end
a garbage truck or a recycling vehicle will teach everyone more than
of the overpriced workshops/seminars. Most of the big buck consultants
at the workshops/seminars have never spent a day collecting what they
profess to know all about.

I drove a truck for Maui Recycling Service for two years and am now in the
FOG to biodiesel business. All the stupid conferences and recycled content
pencils in the world are wasted taxpayer dollars and next week's landfill.
Try going out in your community and working on the issues first hand -
it's much more worthwhile.

Bob Armantrout
Maui Green Energy - (totally funded by four individuals personal time and

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