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RE: [greenyes] FW: Corporation as Psychopath

You took the words right out of my mouth! The fact that corporations are not human and therefore do not have morals or values is at the core of this discussion.

For a great collection of essays regarding the global economy and its effect on humans, our culture and our environment, check out "The Case Against the Global Economy - And for a Turn Toward the Local" by Jerry Mander.

Camille Armantrout - Maui

Corporations are amoral by nature - not good or evil, or in between. Their
goal is to make money, and if they don't maximize that effort, shareholders
can sue. Because corporations are amoral and have no empathy, if they were
people they would be considered sociopaths. But they are not human.

People who work for corporations have morals, but work within the confines
and goals of the larger corporation. Most, I'm sure, are good people, no
matter what the behavior of the corporation. There are some (few) who adopt
the amorality of corporations to excel in business. They have (we all have)
the potential themselves of becoming sociopaths, and some break laws and
become "corporate criminals." Some don't break the law but still become very
wealthy at the expense of others and/or the environment which supports all


Just my thoughts,

Terry S. Brennan

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