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[greenyes] REDUCE RE-USE RECYCLE Book help please

Hi all green Yessers
I've been commissioned to write a book on waste reduction and Recycling by
Green Books (UK) to follow onto my fantastically succesful booklet
'Composting for All' (now being translated into Japanese and Italian!)
This one will actually have a spine which means you can actaully see it on
the bookshelf!
I've made it basically an A-Z of what to do with just about anything you
might buy (starting of course with why buy it in the first place!)
I've been looking at lots of websites - but I'm still finding it hard to
find enough information on things made from recycled parts - I'm
particularly interested in finding people that have novel or unusual
products - for instance there is a company here making bags from the
material from the London underground train seat covers, pencil cases from
tyres, pencils from polystyrene cups, etc. Plus any novel ideas on reuse -
reduce particularly welcomed. I think the recycle part is pretty well
sorted although there are still problems as we see regularly in the green
yes correspondence. Researching corks was fascinating.
Anyway all thoughts appreciated

Nicky Scott
chair Community Composting Network

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