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[greenyes] Articles of Incorporation

=v= I just wanted to toss in something to think about when
discussing corporations. The very definition of a corporation
is as a legal entity which (1) is granted freedom from liability
for certain of its actions in exchange for (2) a specific social
good that's expected of those actions. This has degraded down
into (1) an overarching unaccountability in matters ecological,
financial, or moral, nominally in exchange for (2) a vague and
dogmatic idea of a social good, such as job creation (though no
guarantees, of course).

=v= It is this lack of accountability that makes so many people
quite justifiably upset, and enables the sociopathic behavior
under discussion. _Laissez-faire_ and similar arguments that
compare corporations to jus' pain folks like you and me don't
really address the special legal shields that corporations get
away with.

P.S.: There is certainly much to be said about corporations,
but I can envision this thread going way off-topic for this
list. I mention the above because I think it's particularly
relevant to recycling. I won't be saying a whole lot more.

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