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RE: [greenyes] FW: Corporation as Psychopath

Nicky, I urge you to look more closely at your assumption that "big not for profit companies" are inherently more cozy and lovable than any other corporation.

Here in Canada heads are rolling in several of our big not-for-profit companies (Via Rail, Canada Post, et al.) because of appalling patronage scandals that are shaking the new government of Canada. Likewise our provincial SPCA was recently in the news because of a CEO milking the organization for his own and his appointees' benefit. Not-for-profit corporations are no less susceptible to abusive practices than for-profit ones.

And to make things more confounding, I believe it is an overstatement to say that you can really only be accountable transparent and fair when the pursuit of personal profit is removed.

There's something puritanical about the view that we shouldn't have for-profit factor in business. I have this sense that profit-seeking is as fundamental a part of the human condition as sex! The point is not to pretend that it doesn't or shouldn't exist, but to make sure it doesn't abuse anyone, right?

How about this for an early morning musing: corporations, if you will, are huge global pimps that exploit workers and the environment to advance their own interests.

(BTW, is this conversation happening because of the recent release of the much-acclaimed Canadian independent film "The Corporation"?)


At 01:59 AM 2/25/2004, Nicky Scott wrote:
I'd like to see an example of this cosy lovable corporation - surely it's an
oxymoron? I think democracy was a good idea in ancient greece and it
certainly can work on a small scale and also- unfortunately we don't seem to
have come up with anything that works better - still we end up with
Presidents in power that not only 'lost' the election but who most people
did not vote for (or didn't vote because - what a choice!) The point of
this tangent is to point out that you can really only be accountable,
transparent and fair in organisations when the pursuit of personal profit is
removed. You can have big not for profit companies - though they are rare -
and we need to help develop more ethical not for profit businesses - but as
long as transnationals corporations are trying to find the cheapest labour
in the world under regimes who have little concern for environmental issues
supported by governments (or is that 'that support governments?') - then
the future is bleak indeed - I'm not relishing the prospect of Siberian
winters here whilst everyone seems to be blindly buying enormous SUV's.
We need companies and governments that invest in people and the environment
- or are we hoping to find another planet to move to (Mars perhaps) - not
in paying CEO's disgustingly inflated salaries.
If you think it is bad in the States can I recommend 'the dark heart of
Italy' by Tobias Jones - to see how Bush is a pussycat compared with
Berlusconi! He is the richest man in Italy owns most of the television and
press and has been changing the law so that he himself is not liable to be
investigated. Happy reading

Nicky Scott
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