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[greenyes] Toronto Diversion Plans

Just one point of clarification to the post by Michael Garfield.
Rather than being "a pilot program in a couple of neighbourhoods",
Toronto's Green Bin program is currently in almost 200,000 homes.
Making it I believe, the largest program of its kind in N. America.
Another 210,000 homes are due to receive this service in October 04
Bringing the total to over 400,000.
The balance of single family homes will begin to receive this service in 2005
Bringing the total to 500,000!
As part of the mandate of my organization, which is to assist in the diversion of waste from landfill or incineration, I monitor this program very closely.
And I can tell you without hestitation that weekly participation is in excess of 80%.
Proof positive that residents do want to do more.
(And that perhaps we ourselves far to often overestimate the "barriers" to participation
and in doing so simply provide a samll minority of residents with excuses.)
Foodscrap collection is the logical extension to fiber and container recycling.
And can and should be "positioned" as such.
In addition two other large scale foodscrap collection programs are in place in the Toronto area.
Durham Region 45,000 homes and Niagara Region 20,000.
Unfortunately participation in these areas is not as high.
I have plenty of addition information I would be thrilled to share with all those interested
(another part of our mandate)
However rather than post here I will presume that those individual considering foodscrap collection will contact me
Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Toronto/Canada
Waste Diversion Campaigner, Sierra Club of Canada.
(Members of that environmental community getting EVERYBODY'S feet to the fire.)

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