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[greenyes] Venues & Special Events Recycling Workshop 3/9/04 at CRRA Conference in Sacramento, CA

Apologies for Cross-Postings

From: "Leslie Lukacs" <llukacs@no.address>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 11:02:53 -0800

Venues and Events Waste Reduction and Recycling Workshop

Many cities are now considering requiring venue facilities like stadiums and parks, and events like concerts and festivals, to reduce the amount of solid waste sent to landfills. If you manage or work with a venue or event, or have clients who do, this one-day educational workshop is for you! The nonprofit Venues and Special Events Recycling Council (VSERC) and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) are hosting this low cost public workshop as part of the Tools for Change Training Conference <<>> at the Sacramento Convention Center <<>> on March 9, 2004.

At the workshop you will learn about what makes a successful recycling program, find out about products, resources, and costs, and can ask questions of our expert panel. You don't have to be a VSERC member to attend the workshop, just be interested in improving your waste management practices and your company's bottom line.

You'll also want to stay over for the 5th Annual Recycled Products Trade Show <<>> to be held on March 10 and 11th. Admission to the trade show, including lunch, is FREE if you register by March 1, 2004.

Click on the following link to get more information about the Venues and Events Waste Reduction and Recycling Workshop <<>>. For information about the whole conference, or the trade show, please use the links above.

If you can't attend, learn more about reducing your solid wastes at the CIWMB's free venues and events information website: <>.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.


Leslie C. Lukacs
(562) 426-9544

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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