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RE: [greenyes] more lists

The Carolina Recycling Association has a list serve list on their web site's 'links' page. It probably does not cover every single list out there but it covers quite a few along with how to join them. Go to to see the list. If you have one to add, follow the link at the bottom of the page. The list serves are all within waste reduction and recycling and related topics.

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It seems most people belong to a few lists and/or green forums. Is there a list somewhere for these forums? I admit I can't read every message in its entirety but some headers grab me and they are helping me understand green building facility management. The tug of war between 'going green' and man hours is something I have been studying for some time and I appreciate every post.

If you have time, please email to me your favorite forum or email list. Thanks very much!

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