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[greenyes] CNN's Lou Dobbs Moneyline - Throwaway Society Series This Week
Hi folks,

CNN is airing a four-part series on the show "Lou Dobbs Moneyline" (6-7 PM 
EST and rerun later in the evening/overnight) titled "The Throwaway Society," 
which started last night.  I saw the segment tonight on recycling.  It aired at 
20 past the hour for two minutes and will be show again in the 11 PM repeat of 
the show.

Interestingly, it presents an upbeat picture about recycling, after raising 
questions in the previews: (1) What does recycling cost? and (2) Is it worth it?

Using EPA data, they show the growth in recycling, but note it has leveled 
off in recent years.

New Jersey's Governor says its good public policy.  Then they focus on New 
York City getting the curbside program collecting a wider range of materials 

Winston Porter appears and touts the energy benefits of recycling aluminum 
cans.  He didn't chime in with the usual statements about the effective limits 
of recycling having been reached, at least not in what was aired.

Last night's segment on garbage is interesting also.  Dobbs suggests at the 
end that perhaps garbage shouldn't be shipped out-of-state, but kept closer to 
where it is generated.  The November 24 transcript is available at:

Wednesday evening focuses on cell phones and Friday's segment is on toxics.

Lance King
Community Solutions
Tel 703/536-7282

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