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Re: [greenyes] Closed landfill mining

I participated in building some equipment for "mining" a landfill in Collier
County Florida in 1986 or so.  We made some specialized grinding equipment
which allowed for easier separation of the organic fraction from the metal
and "others" during the subsequent screening operation.  The project ran in
research mode for a couple of years but I lost track of it after 1990.  My
part of it never went commercial.

The goal was to remove the organic fraction from the total waste and compost
it to completion for volume reduction so the site could continue to act as a
landfill.  Collier County Florida has a checkered success history in

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Subject: [greenyes] Closed landfill mining

> Has there been any succsess in mining closed landfills for recycables and
> then useing the place for more disposal without buliding a new landfill.
> Thanks Keith McDonald
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