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Re: [greenyes] "...subsidy to oil amounted to as much as over $15 per gallon"

This study is on the web at the following url:

The $15/gallon figure listed in the snip you put in your query is actually dominated by a wide range of externalities.  While most of the externalities included are real side-effects of gasoline use, quantifying them is extremely difficult and very sensitive to the assumptions one makes.  

For a summary of the key elements of ICTA's estimate and how their estimates compares to the other major assessments of US fossil fuel subsidies over the past 25 years, please look at a paper I wrote with John Dernbach in the Annual Review of Energy and the Environment.  You can access it on my website at:


Doug Koplow

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>>> <RicAnthony@no.address> 10/10/03 19:37 PM >>>
I would like to verify this statement has anybody seen this study?

"The Center for Technology Assessment in Washington, DC ... put out a study a 
few years ago which stated that the subsidy to oil amounted to as much as 
over $15 per gallon of gasoline (not including environmental costs)."
Jan Lundberg  
Sustainable Energy Institute
San Diego CA 92109

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