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Re: [greenyes] Let's get some co-sponsors on Sen Jeffords' bill - Please!
Dear David,

While it is good to have two-click activism in the context of broader 
campaigns, members get some many impersonal messages like that it has grow relatively 
ineffective (particularly with smaller organizations).

To get co-sponsors for the Jeffords bill takes more personal contact, with 
individually done letters about why this is important, as a recycling, 
environmentalist, business person or concerned citizen.

One size fits all really won't make much difference in this kind of situation.

Lance King

In a message dated 10/3/03 1:50:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, david@no.address 

> Thanks Pat; as announced a couple of months ago, folks can go straight
> to GRRN's web action center and e-mail their Senators urging
> co-sponsorship of Senator Jefford's Beverage Producer Responsibility
> Act. Go to 
> Based on your zip code, the letter will be sent directly to your
> Senators. Two-click activism at its best. 
> Cheers,
> David Wood
> Madison, WI
> 608-255-4800, ext. 100

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