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[greenyes] paper recycling in Post Offices
   Answering Bette Danse's comment - the United States Postal Service
already has a guide and a plan. They are "Paper and Paperboard Recycling
Guide", Handbook AS-550-A and also "Paper and Paperboard Recycling Plan",
Handbook AS-550-B, both dated September 1997.  This material was referred to
by someone earlier and so I had my post office contact look it up.
   According to USPS policy "...requires the recycling of all recoverable
materials to foster the sustainable use of natural resources.  Consistent
with that policy, the decision to recycle must be based on state and local
recycling mandates and should also be based on sound business factors that
include cost avoidance, revenue-producing opportunities, availability of
markets, transportation, and logistical constraints".
  Okay, so where are the post offices that do this and show a financial
advantage from it?

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