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[greenyes] Biodiesel
Greenyes Colleagues,

I recently had a question asked of me about the conversion of
restaurant trap grease into biodiesel.  There is a local rendering plant
near me which I called for information.  They referred me to their
corporate headquarters which I then called.  I have not received a
return call from them.  

Does anyone know if there are rendering plants that are selling trap
grease to biodiesel producers or producing it themselves?  I'm assuming
that these rendering plants, true to their profit motives, are seeking
the production of products that will ensure the highest margins.  I
would be interested in knowing how biodiesel compares to the production
of tallow and cosmetic bases in terms of margins.  Also, is the demand
for biodiesel to a point at which it would make economic sense for
rendering plants to divert a portion of their feedstock into this market
or produce the fuel themselves.

Thanks in advance for any information.

B. Wayne Turner
City of Winston-Salem
Utilities Division
phone: (336) 727 8418
email: waynet@no.address

"Experience is what allows us to recognize repeated mistakes."

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