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RE: [greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government
In California, each jurisdiction (not the generator) bears the responsibility to divert 50% of their waste stream.  Commercial recycling is not a requirement per se, but targeting the commercial sector is key in reaching 50%.

Here in Sacramento County, county crews collect garbage, commingled recyclables, and green waste from residential customers only (single family and duplexes).  

Private waste haulers collect commercial waste through non-exclusive franchises.  A series of solid waste authority ordinances require franchisees to divert 30% of the waste they collect and to provide recycling services to apartment complexes.  There is no specific requirement for diverting specific commodities, except for multi-family service.  Franchisees can divert any combination of materials (from source-separated collection or MRFing select loads) to reach 30%.  They report their diversion performance quarterly and there is an annual audit.  If they do not reach 30% in any one quarter, they pay a per-ton penalty for each ton short.  If they perform at least 30% for the whole calendar year, they are refunded the penalty fees (or portion thereof).  Franchisees are also allowed to trade (buy and sell) diversion tonnage between haulers in order to reach 30%.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ryan Bailey
Associate Recycling Specialist
Planning & External Relations
County of Sacramento
Department of Waste Management & Recycling
9850 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA 95827-3561
916.875.6767 fax

> I am looking for what other communities  are doing for 
> commercial recycling
> in the sense of,
>       is recycling mandated
>       does the local government pick up recycling
>             if so, what kind of service do they provide, what 
> materials
> (above corrugated cardboard)
>                   is there a size restriction (only collect 
> from businesses
> with less than x people or less than x square footage)
>             if not, is there coordination with private haulers
> Thank you for your help with these questions.
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> Karen Hales
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