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Re: [greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government
The City of Long Beach has recently begun rolling out citywide automated 
collection of recyclables.  This program provides collection of recyclable 
materials (cardboard; mixed paper; plastic #1 - 4; all beverage 
containers; aluminum, steel & bi-metal cans; glass bottles & jars; 
newspaper; paperboard; empty paint & aerosol cans; motor oil & filters) 
using 99-, 64-, and 32-gallon wheeled carts.  Carts are being provided to 
all accounts having City trash service, including single- and multi-family 
residences and businesses.

Long Beach has a somewhat unique situation in that the City collects trash 
from virtually all single-family residences and lots of multi-family and 
business accounts.  But we also have permitted private haulers who collect 
from many larger apartment buildings and businesses.  Private haulers have 
to either show diversion or pay a fee, and most opt to pay the fee.  So we 
will be collecting recycling from many businesses in the City, but there 
will be quite a few businesses from which we will not be collecting.  Of 
course, if those businesses choose to get City refuse service, we'll 
collect their recycling also.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

09/03/2003 12:38 PM

        To:     greenyes@no.address
        Subject:        [greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government

I am looking for what other communities  are doing for commercial 
in the sense of,
      is recycling mandated
      does the local government pick up recycling
            if so, what kind of service do they provide, what materials
(above corrugated cardboard)
                  is there a size restriction (only collect from 
with less than x people or less than x square footage)
            if not, is there coordination with private haulers

Thank you for your help with these questions.

*Please note the change of email address*
Karen Hales
Recycling/Solid Waste Specialist

919-462-3873 voice
919-469-4304 fax

 Please Note
Email addresses for everyone at the Town of Cary are now:
first name <dot> last name at townofcary <dot> org.
For example: John.Staffer@no.address

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