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[greenyes] Drivers for the use of biodegradable lubes in industry
Currently there are no explicit regulations in Australia (that I am aware 
of) that require the use biodegradable lubricants instead of conventional 
mineral oils and synthetic lubricants. 

I would like to hear from any list members that know of non-regulatory (or 
regulatory) drivers that encourage or push industry to use biodegrdabale 

Do you have any examples of markets or industries where this may be 
occurring in? 

What markets or industries do you foresee biodegradable lubes becoming 
important to a company implemening its environmental or sustainable 
development policies? 

Thanks in advance for any answers to these questions - I am particularly
interested in a procurement perspective on this query. 

With kind regards,

Turlough Guerin 
Sydney, Australia 

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