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[greenyes] Discarding the Idea of Waste - new version
First, apologies for cross posting to anyone.

I have been working on my opus - Discarding the Idea of Waste for over three
years. It is still a work in progress. There are many gaps, but if you would
like to have a look at the latest version it is available as an html
document only on the resources page of my web site It is a compilation of much

I hope to have it available as a pdf document soon, but daytime access to is very hard.

HTML is a bit of a difficult format to read, but maybe you can convert it to
something more readable.  I would be happy to receive any comments,
corrections, brick bats, etc at zerowaste@no.address Let me know if this
is a useful document to you.


Michael Jessen
Zero Waste Services
5635 Highway 3A
Nelson, BC V1L 6N7 Canada
Office Phone: 250/229-4621
Home Phone: 250/229-5632
Fax: 775/587-9838
E-mail: zerowaste@no.address

"If you're not in favour of Zero Waste, how much waste are you in favour

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