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Re: [greenyes] oil/antifreeze containers
Sharon, your experience with motor oil containers raises the broader question of "chain of custody. " This is a central concern in recycling. Just as public institutions were embarrassed to have the Basel Action Network bring back a video of their e-waste being dismantled by untrained children in China, your local government runs the risk of finding out -- too late -- that your MRF may be ignoring a problem rather than solving it.

Of course both the local government and the MRF are suffering because the originator of the problem (the electronics OEM and the oil companies) are not held responsible for the practices of contractors who manage their products at the later stages of the product life cycle.


At 07:51 AM 09/11/2003 -0700, Sharon_Gates@no.address wrote:
The City of Long Beach collects #1 - #4, which includes motor oil
containers.  I have asked our MRF if they have any problems with the
amount of oil residue left in the bottles, and I have been told that it is
not a problem for them.

On the other hand, I saw a presentation last year from a company called
ITEC that has a carbon dioxide process for removing oil residue from motor
oil bottles and flaking the plastic to produce clean feedstock for
manufacture of recycled products.  This ITEC process also recovered the
residue, which they claimed was on the order of 1-1/2 ounces per bottle.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

JPap100@no.address 09/10/2003 04:31 PM

To: greenyes@no.address cc: Subject: Re: [greenyes] oil/antifreeze containers

I can't understand why plastic motor oil or anti-freeze containers would not be recyclable. Marked wth a number 2 symbol, I have been putting them in with my plastic for years-wherever plastics are collected. New York City has just resumed collecting plastic- limited to #1 & #2, but with no mention of exceptions for those containers. Have I missed something?


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> Gentlepeople,
>   I have a bunch of empty motor oil containers and antifreeze
> containers.  I called the local group that take used motor oil,etc and
> told me to throw those containers in the garbage because they're not
> recyclable and that's what they do.
>   I guess I assumed that they probably weren't recyclable but I
> thought I would double-check with the experts.
>     Thanks!
> Tom
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