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Re: [greenyes] source for laminant drink pouches

This has to be one of the most innovative uses of an otherwise useless
post-consumer material that I've seen in quite a while.  I would be
interested in seeing what your product looks like.  Do you have a
website that listserv members can visit?

My hat is off to you, and I only wish I had a truckload of the drink
pouches to send you.

Wayne Turner
Winston-Salem, NC

Original message:

 lonny frye <lonny_frye@no.address> 09/10/03 05:27PM

I am seeking sources for used drink pouches that Koolaid, Tang and
Capri-sun come in. I sew them into products like purses and totes. I am
interested in gathering empty pouches and reusing them as material to
make my bags. Is there a point in the processing of the municipal waste
stream where these could be diverted? I could also help set up school
collection programs if desired. Is there already a dumpster full of
these bags in some recycling program that I could recover and use?
Please advise. If anyone has a quantity of clean empty pouches and wants
to give them new life as a colorful purse, they can ship them to me at
Lonny Frye, C/O Vivibags

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