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[GreenYes] Fwd: [GAIA] Info request: how to install separate collection in Russia?

From: "Igor Babanin" <babanin@no.address>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 15:34:05 +0400

Dear frends!

Now we in St Petersburg, Russia, trying to instal a system of selective
collection of waste.
There are some success, but it seems to me, that we are "looking for black
cat in the dark room". I beleive, that somewhere there are exist rather
universal recomendations for what to do, if you starts to establish separate
collection from the wery beginning. Particularry, it's wery interesting to
study the same projects results (mostly - in the former "Soviet" contries).

The mostly interested questions, are:
 - what scheems of separate collection are better at the first stages;
 - how to work with people;
 - how to push authorities to deal with it;
 - economical calculation of separate collection in comparisson with the
direct landfilling or incinerating
  - etc.

If you has such materials - please, send me them, or their links .

Thank you, Babanin Igor Greenpeace Russia, SPb dep. babanin@no.address babanini@no.address ph/fax: (812) 352-1022, 352-9219

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