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[GreenYes] Drop Bin Specifications
I oversee a recycling drop bin program in Kauai, Hawaii. Our program
contractor wishes to reduce the size of the deposit slots in an effort to
minimize contamination and increase public safety. The requested height
dimensions of the modified deposit slots seem very small, at approximately
7", which is half of their previous height. 
I'm interested in comparing specifications for deposit slots for other drop
bin programs to see what is normal, and what would be considered too small
or inconvenient for public use. Can anyone provide me with specifications on
deposit slots on recycling drop bins, including the width of the slot,
height of slot, and feed height? Also, if anyone can share a similar
experience with making changes to deposit slot sizes, it would be greatly
Allison Fraley 
Recycling Coordinator 
County of Kauai Public Works Department 
4444 Rice Street, Suite 275 
Lihue, HI 96766 
Phone: (808) 241-6891 
Fax: (808) 241-6892 

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