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[greenyes] Recycled Content Paper
I know this subject has been beaten into the ground recently, so I
apologize, but can anyone direct me to a site which accurately depicts the
reasons why recycled content paper sometimes costs more than virgin (market
fundamentals, govt subsidies, etc.) ?  I know conservatree is working on
something, but don't think it has been released yet.  Bottom line is we're
looking to respond to some local questions regarding this issue.  I would
prefer to cite some sort of comprehensive research on the topic - if it's
out there - rather than relying on anecdotal evidence or multiple, cursory
reviews of the subject.  Any direction?

Thanks again and sorry if this opens a pandoras box.


Jeffrey W. Aluotto
Hamilton County Solid Waste District
250 William Howard Taft
Cincinnati, OH  45219
513-946-7719 phone
513-946-7779 fax

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