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Re: [greenyes] How Do Drop-Offs Do?
If you would like to hear from Drop-Off users contact the Northeast Indaian Solid Waste Management District, Ashley, Indiana.  They operate 26 drop-off units and have conducted several surveys of users.  I believe the surveys are on the District Web Site,  If it is not there contact Steve Christman, QEP the Executive Director at schristman@no.address/


> Dear All,
> Am interested in hearing from drop-off program operators on how well 
> drop-offs do in terms of:
> 1.  community participation levels
> 2.  percent of discard stream recovered for reuse, recycling, composting, and 
> any other real resource-saving methods (not landfill, alternate daily cover 
> [ADC], incineration, or other "conversion" technologies)
> 3.  other measures of program performance, e.g., disposal cost-savings
> 4.  interesting anecdotal information (community size, type of sponsor 
> organization, staffing, public education, funding, community economic development, 
> etc).
> This is for a study of recycling (in the large sense) options for a rural 
> part of San Diego County.  The area has 2 small, unstaffed drop-offs now, & no 
> data on recovery.  Current collection includes only cans, glass & plastic 
> bottles, & news.  Population served is > 5000.  One hope is that findings from other 
> drop-offs similar to this size MIGHT help with a guesstimate baseline on 
> participation or recovery.
> Of special interest are model drop-off programs in rural areas that have 
> expanded into resource recovery parks by adding reusables, building materials, 
> composting, local loop enterprises/jobs, etc.  Any and all responses, especially 
> including websites, contact names/numbers, & other good info will be 
> gratefully accepted.
> Many thanks,
> Gretchen Brewer
> (for San Diego County DPW/Recycling)
> Earth Circle
> PO Box 81985
> San Diego, CA  92138-1985
> ph  619-298-7626
> fax  619-298-7967 (by appt) 
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