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RE: [greenyes] Recycling evicted from Post Offices
Lets keep this activism going!

Please restore recycling bins in your lobby area.  Throwing away paper
that can be recycled and that will add jobs to our economy is wasteful.
Customers will tend to litter junk mail in and around post offices
causing blight and increasing Postal services expenses and our costs!
Please quit bowing to pressure from bulk-mail business and listen to the
People.  Be a good neighbor and help us all to reduce the burden that
waste places on our children and the future.

Johnnie P. Carlson, II
Executive Assistant
Californians Against Waste
(916) 443-5422 voice
(916) 443-3912 fax

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From: Ellen Cronan [mailto:ecronana@no.address] 
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 11:39 AM
To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] Recycling evicted from Post Offices

What a great idea!  Let's ALL contact the US Postal
Service.  They make it very easy for us, there's a
direct "contact us" link on their website.  Here it
I just sent in a little note asking if there is a USPS
 policy covering recycling at local offices.
I also made a call to my local post office and was
surprised at the response.  I spoke with the building
custodian and he told me they DO NOT recycling the
mixed paper from customers.  I was surprised by that
as NJ (where I'm from) has Mandatory Source Separation
and Recycling Act.  Per the custodian, he has a letter
that states that the post office is exempt!

             Ellen Cronan

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