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[greenyes] PVC Full Body Wraps
Sharon asks a follow on question about those full body PVC wraps around
mostly PET and sometimes HDPE plastic bottles: "Does this mean that we
should encourage people to remove the wrap before putting wrapped bottles
into their recycling bins?  Should we tell them
not to put the wrapped bottles into the bin at all?  Of course, it would
be best if people didn't purchase bottles wrapped with PVC.  But what do
we do in the meantime?"

Since only a small proportion of people will do so, educating people to
remove the labels is probably the worst thing to do because it implies that
either (1) there is no problem with these wraps or (2) whatever problem that
does exist is caused by the consumer (failing to remove them) instead of the

If you do educate on the subject, it would be to pleasantly complain to the
supermarket manager and request that he/she tell the distributer to tell the
producer to find a non-PVC substitute. That or not buy products with the


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