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Re: [greenyes] Call Disney TODAY to oppose disposable DVDs!
I just called the number given below, and was immediately put through to 
Michael Eisner's office.  A very friendly sounding woman listened to my 
comment, and said she would let Mr. Eisner know of my concern.  I did not 
leave a call-back number (the woman didn't ask).  It was easy, it only 
took about a minute, and I highly recommend anyone else who is outraged at 
the prospect of 
yet-another-disposal-replacement-for-perfectly-fine-reusables also call. 
You might want to call earlier, rather than later.  If a lot of people 
call, the friendly people in Mr. Eisner's office will get pretty tired of 
getting calls by later in the day, and they may not be so friendly.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

"Cassie Wyss" <cassie@no.address>
08/13/2003 09:22 AM

        To:     <greenyes@no.address>
        Subject:        [greenyes] Call Disney TODAY to oppose disposable DVDs!

Hi Greenyessers!
Just a friendly reminder to make the call to Disney's Michael Eisner
TODAY and tell him you think disposable DVDs are a goofy idea! And pass
the word along.  We want to generate as many calls as possible!!!!
Cassie Wyss - GRRN

Just call the Disney switchboard at 1-818-560-1000 and ask for Michael
Eisner's office.  If they won't put you through, tell them you want to
leave the following message.

WHAT TO SAY (just a suggestion, obviously say what moves you on this

Hello, my name is _____________ and I am calling to express my concern
to Michael Eisner about Disney and Buena Vista's new disposable DVD, or
EZ-D.  EZ-D adds needless waste to America's landfills and is bad for
our environment and human health.  Please pull EZ-D from the market. 

When you are done, please take a minute to email Alison Kruger at
safealternatives@no.address and let us know how it went.

Thanks so much,
Cassie Wyss, GRRN Midwest Organizer 
Alison Kruger, Center for Health, Environment, and Justice
safealternatives@no.address   703-237-2249, ext 27
Cassie Wyss
Midwest Organizer
GrassRoots Recycling Network
2203 Regent St, Suite B
Madison, WI 53726
p (608) 232-1830
f  (608) 232-1835
c (608) 345-4323

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