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[greenyes] Call Disney TODAY to oppose disposable DVDs!
Hi Greenyessers!
Just a friendly reminder to make the call to Disney's Michael Eisner
TODAY and tell him you think disposable DVDs are a goofy idea! And pass
the word along.  We want to generate as many calls as possible!!!!
Cassie Wyss - GRRN

Just call the Disney switchboard at 1-818-560-1000 and ask for Michael
Eisner's office.  If they won't put you through, tell them you want to
leave the following message.

WHAT TO SAY (just a suggestion, obviously say what moves you on this

Hello, my name is _____________ and I am calling to express my concern
to Michael Eisner about Disney and Buena Vista's new disposable DVD, or
EZ-D.  EZ-D adds needless waste to America's landfills and is bad for
our environment and human health.  Please pull EZ-D from the market.  

When you are done, please take a minute to email Alison Kruger at
safealternatives@no.address and let us know how it went.

Thanks so much,
Cassie Wyss, GRRN Midwest Organizer 
Alison Kruger, Center for Health, Environment, and Justice
safealternatives@no.address   703-237-2249, ext 27
Cassie Wyss
Midwest Organizer
GrassRoots Recycling Network
2203 Regent St, Suite B
Madison, WI 53726
p (608) 232-1830
f  (608) 232-1835
c (608) 345-4323

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