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RE: [greenyes] Purpose of GreenYes
Gary -

I think all of us understand that the purpose of GreenYes is more than recycling.  I fail to see, however, how selling cages for laboratory animals meets even the broader definition of sustainable resource policies.  Even the author admitted that the subject was off topic.


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This is just a short note to clarify that the purpose of the GreenYes 
listserve is broader than just "recycling", from:
"GREENYES is an open (unmoderated) discussion forum focusing on policies 
and strategies needed to advance sustainable resource policies. We seek to 
advance serious discussion from a broad range of viewpoints. The GREENYES 
mailing list is a project of the GrassRoots Recycling Network."
Gary Liss

At 02:42 PM 08/04/2003 -0500, George Dreckmann wrote:
>I agree with Eric, but with one difference.  I don't want to discuss any 
>issues other than recycling on this list serv.
>I have many interests and political views that have nothing to do with old 
>newspapers, bottles or cans.  I have no intention of sharing those on this 
>list and I hope others refrain from doing so as well.
> >>> "Nelson, Eric" <Eric.Nelson@no.address> 08/04/03 02:24PM >>>
>RE: From: "Josh Rosenfield" <JRosenfield@no.address> "nalgene/Animal Defense"
>I object to the misappropriation of this resource to fatuous
>politicking, and would ask either that this abuse cease, or that it be
>brought into the arena of informed discourse, where reasonable arguments and
>thoughtful contradictory positions might be represented, and biases
>forthrightly analyzed.
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