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RE: [greenyes] Josh Rosenfield
I think this is a good discussion.  Aren't the kinds of chemicals used to
make plastic containers of interest to the recycling community?

1.  It is relevant to collecting enough of an easily recycled plastic used
and recovered to make the process economically possible and environmentally

2.  Don't you want to direct consumers to consume materials with high
recycling potential?  (I recall when PVC plastic bottles were a problem for

Are Nalgene polycarbonate bottles recycled?  We know they are for reuse, but
there comes an end to everything.  What happens to the big 5 gallon
polycarbonate carboys that offices use?  Bayer in Germany makes and recycles
polycarbonate. It is an interesting system.

There's a lot of information about Bisphenol A on Google. A good website is:

Doris Cellarius

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RE: From: "Josh Rosenfield" <JRosenfield@no.address> "nalgene/Animal Defense"

I object to the misappropriation of this resource to fatuous
politicking, and would ask either that this abuse cease, or that it be
brought into the arena of informed discourse, where reasonable arguments and
thoughtful contradictory positions might be represented, and biases
forthrightly analyzed.

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